I’m Matt Baxter — this is my personal space on the internet. From time to time I have grand visions of turning this into the home of my witty, humorous, and insightful weblog that launches me into internet fame. Eventually I chuckle at the thought, think to myself, “Nah, I’m good,” and go back to sipping on my artisinal, handcrafted, Aeropressed cup of coffee.

IRL, I enjoy spending time with my wife Erin and our two kids, Isaac and Hallie. I’m also a big fan of that Jesus guy you may have heard about. I’m always up for a good coffee (as you might have guessed from that delicious cup I mentioned earlier), beer, or whiskey and I quite enjoy games of both the “video” and “board” variety. I also have a bad habit of wearing skinny jeans (or so I'm told).

Professionally, I’m leading product and design for RefillWise, helping Americans save money on their prescriptions.

If you’d like to send me a digital communication, I’m readily available on Twitter, LinkedIn, and by email.

Happy interneting!