Product Manager Resources

I’ve had a people ask from time-to-time for articles that give a good overview of the product management role along with resources for improving as a product manager. This is a list of the must-read resources that I’ve found online and in books.

What is the role of a product manager?

The first link isn’t an article, but I’ve always loved this clip as it quickly communicates the essence of the product manager role. The following articles all give a well-rounded overview of what a product manager does.

Product management newsletters

Lately I’ve found that most of the new things that I learn in product come from newsletters. The newsletters I’ve linked to below are those that I consistently glean insights from.

Essential product management books

If I could put together a class on product management, these books would be the required reading. Not all of them are strictly about product managment but they will absolutely help you improve as a product manager.

Published by Matt Baxter on February 7, 2021 (updated April 16, 2023).

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