Product Manager Resources

February 7, 2021 (updated April 16, 2023)

I’ve had a peo­ple ask from time-to-time for ar­ti­cles that give a good overview of the prod­uct man­age­ment role along with re­sources for im­prov­ing as a prod­uct man­ager. This is a list of the must-read re­sources that I’ve found on­line and in books.

What is the role of a prod­uct man­ager?

The first link is­n’t an ar­ti­cle, but I’ve al­ways loved this clip as it quickly com­mu­ni­cates the essence of the prod­uct man­ager role. The fol­low­ing ar­ti­cles all give a well-rounded overview of what a prod­uct man­ager does.

Product man­age­ment newslet­ters

Lately I’ve found that most of the new things that I learn in prod­uct come from newslet­ters. The newslet­ters I’ve linked to be­low are those that I con­sis­tently glean in­sights from.

Essential prod­uct man­age­ment books

If I could put to­gether a class on prod­uct man­age­ment, these books would be the re­quired read­ing. Not all of them are strictly about prod­uct man­ag­ment but they will ab­solutely help you im­prove as a prod­uct man­ager.

Photo by elu­oec on Unsplash.

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